Starting the New Year on the Right Foot – Eliminate Problems Before They Start

January 1st, a New Year begins and most set new goals and plan on starting the year off right. For most, one of the biggest goals is to be more active or improve on last year’s performances.

These lofty goals seem to fizzle out after a few short months. Life gets in the way – work gets busy, the kids start spring activities, etc. New years resolutions often become short-lived due to INJURY.


It’s easy to get excited to challenge our fitness goals in the new year, but all to often we end up becoming injured just a few weeks into our new routine – WHY?


Over winter (or the offseason) we tend to become less active and our muscles quickly become de-conditioned! We start to get lazy and weak muscles, tight neck and shoulders from extended time at the computer, tight hip flexors and a sleepy core from too much sitting, etc.  THIS LEADS TO MUSCLE IMBALANCES!


Studies from Czeck movement guru, Dr. Janda, show that the body will recruit the tight muscles first when moving, not the optimal muscles.


This means that preexisting muscle imbalances have the possibilities of becoming worse by getting back into the gym!


The body is incredibly smart at finding short-term solutions to overwork for sleepy muscles. So, you’re able to run without pain until you hit the two-mile mark. The muscles working overtime are finally unable to continue and pain hits!  


At Boulder Sports Chiropractic, we have been trained in the leading Functional Movement Screen called the Selective Functional Movement Analysis (SFMA).  The SFMA allows us to find basic deficiencies in mobility and stability causing limitations and asymmetries in one or more of the basic movement patterns necessary for proper movement.


Movement asymmetry from right side to left side is one of the biggest predictors of future injury!


The SFMA is a tool used by nearly all professional and college athletic programs to identify the weak link in an athlete. We bring the same level of care to all of our patients to decrease future injury and make sure that chronic pain doesn’t come back.


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