What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a soft tissue therapeutic modality where a thin, acupuncture-like needle is inserted into the skin and underlying muscle to restore balance to the tissues.

The needle helps to restore normal tissue tension, normalize local inflammation, re-invigorate localized blood flow, and restore normal nerve connection to that muscle.


Types of Stressors

When tissues in the body (muscle, fascia, nerves, etc) become injured, it is frequently due to one of two types of circumstances; traumatic injury or a chronic repetitive stress overload.

In a traumatic injury the tissues are exposed to a single event that overloads that tissue; a car accident, a bike crash, a massive muscle tear while running, etc.

In a chronic repetitive stress injury, the tissues are overworked day in and day out without allowing the tissues enough time to fully heal; sitting at a desk for 40+ hours/week in a bad posture, overtraining, etc.

What Happens in the Tissues...

When the body senses a breakdown, it immediately tries to heal that tissue using scar tissue and muscle adhesions form to act as “duct tape” for a temporary fix. If the tissues are not allowed ample time to heal and heal correctly, the function and performance of that tissue suffers.

Adhesions and scar tissue in the muscle cause local inflammation in the tissues. The capillaries that supply that muscle with nutrients are squeezed and cut off- like a kink in a hose preventing water flow. The tissues do not get adequate blood flow due to the inflammation. When the tissues do not get the nutrients they need from the blood, trigger points form in the muscle and the connection between the brain, the nerves, and that muscle are affected. Ultimately the performance and function of that muscle begins to suffer and compensations begin to form.

This is where Needling Comes in….

We use a needle to restore normal function to that muscle.

We can restore normal muscle firing patterns and improve nerve connection to inhibited supporting musculature, by using dry needling along with a combination of muscle stimulation. Conversely, we can also use dry needling to help treat hypertonic and tender muscles to relax the muscles to their normal tension.

Does Needling Hurt?

Dry needling is similar to a mosquito bite. Sometimes you feel a small prick on your skin, while others you didn’t even know the mosquito was there. The needles we use are very thin so most people do not feel the needle during the procedure.

What to Expect?

During your visit, the doctor will evaluate how you are feeling, how you are moving, and the cause of your symptoms. We will then explain the procedure and answer any of your questions. We will always start slow and make sure you are comfortable with the needles. Generally, a handful of needles will be used and left in for a short period during the procedure.

Needling can be beneficial to most, regardless of your age, fitness level, or size.

Give us a call today to find out if you are a candidate for dry needling.