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Back To The Basics: Original Strength

Remember when you were two years old and you had to focus on your squat form as you reached for your baby blanket? No, it's because you had learned how to move as a baby through repetition, proprioception and failure. As a result, the body developed movement patterns that are so hard wired we no longer have to think about them in order to move. However, the less we move throughout the day and the more we sit in front our TVs , phones, and computer screens, our muscles begin to compensate and learn to become lazy. Fun fact: lazy muscles lead to joint instability, which can further progress to an injury and unnecessary pain. So to prevent all of this agony, we go back to the basics.

Whether you're a master of sitting in your corporate chair, weekend warrior, or fitness extraordinaire, Original Strength can benefit you by re-teaching you how to breath, feel, and move just like a kid again. Original Strength incorporates the breath and reminds us of the importance of breathing from the diaphragm. It can prevent the muscles of your neck from becoming tight and painful from being overworked, while increasing the oxygen supply to the body and brain which can even lead to decreased blood pressure. OS also helps to retrain your body to engage the core before any movement, helping to protect the spine, increase strength and prevent common injuries such as low back sprains, strains and disc herniations. OS also improves the control center for balance and body awareness known as the vestibular system located in the inner ear.  Increased proprioception can prevent injuries such as ankle sprains that may occur while trying to run or walk across uneven payment. Original strength is so much more than just getting the body stronger, it is about allowing the body to move in the most efficient way possible. At Boulder Sports Chiropractic, our goal is to get you moving and back to doing the activities that you love. With the knowledge provided to us by Original Strength, our chiropractors will get you there even faster.  


Alyx Brown DC, MS, CCSP

Boulder Sports Chiropractic