Cervical Radiculopathy 

Cervical Radiculopathy is the compression of a nerve root that exits the spinal cord through the neck. Typically it is described as feeling like a pinched nerve. Disc Herniations, trauma, whiplash, arthritis, and stenosis can all lead to nerve compression. The compression or irritation of the nerve root often leads to local neck and arm pain, and at times can refer to pain in between the shoulder blades. Severe inflammation and compression of the nerve root may lead to serious symptoms such as numbness, neck and arm weakness, and other sensation changes.

Cervical radicular pain is most commonly treated with Flexion Distraction therapy or spinal distraction. Our Boulder chiropractors use a special table designed specifically to decompress the spine and take the pressure off of the cervical disc helping to decrease compression of the irritated nerve. By taking the pressure off of the nerve in the neck, your neck pain and arm symptoms will decrease and the local neck pain will dissipate. The therapy is usually coupled with using Active Release Technique (ART) on the muscles of the  head, neck, shoulders, arm and upper back to further decrease the compression on the pinched nerve.  We also integrate a combination of chiropractic care, and physical therapy,  that will help get you out of pain and back to enjoying the activities you love-faster. 

Boulder Chiropractors Dr. Alyx Brown and Dr. Steve Brown, have treated many cases of cervical radicular pain with an extremely high success rate. Click here to make an appointment to get low back pain relief now.