Chiropractic Adjustment Pregnancy - Chiropractor for Pregnant Women


Chiropractic Care & Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many physiological changes take place to help create a favorable environment for the baby to grow. As the fetus becomes larger throughout the pregnancy, the mother's center of gravity is moved forward away from the spine, resulting in changes to her pelvic and lumbar alignment.  These changes in the body's biomechanics can cause increased tension on the discs, muscles, and joints of the spine resulting in low back pain. The mother's body releases hormones to reduce ligament tension in and around the pelvis, leading to changes in positioning of the joints of the pelvis and lower back.  Maintaining proper joint motion throughout the body during both pregnancy and post-pregnancy, can help reduce labor time and decrease the potential for future injury and low back pain.

Typical treatment of pregnancy related low back pain involves manual therapy (Active Release Technique and massage) to the muscles of the hip and lower back, gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore proper alignment, focused stretches and core exercises to prevent pregnancy related injuries such as diastasis.

If you are pre or postpartum struggling with discomfort or pain or would like to make sure you are maintaining proper pelvic alignment throughout your journey to motherhood, schedule an appointment today.