Physical Therapy for Neck Pain - Chiropractor & Neck Pain

Chiropractor & Neck Pain

What is that cause of your neck pain?

Neck pain is often caused from improper posture, held for long periods at a time either behind a computer or desk, also known as a postural neck sprain/strain. The head typically travels forward in comparison to the shoulders, along with a rounding of the shoulders and upper back.  The muscles around the neck and shoulders typically become inflamed from being overstretch, resulting in generalized neck pain. 

How we treat it…

At Boulder Sports Chiropractic,  our chiropractors first begin by decreasing the pain and inflammation using a variety of physical therapy methods (soft tissue massage, ART, Graston, stretching). We then ensure that the respective joints are moving throughout their proper ranges of motion with chiropractic care. We retrain the body back to a neutral position through a series of functional exercises to prevent your neck and back pain from returning.