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Pain Management in Boulder, CO

As a sports chiropractor in Boulder, CO, we are dedicated to using our knowledge and expertise to obtain a pain-free lifestyle for all our patients. Neck pain can affect everything you do in your daily life, and we know the discomfort it can cause. Pain management can be very beneficial in improving your quality of life and overall happiness.

There are many causes of neck pain, but one seen most often is improper posture. When an individual continues to hold this same posture for long periods of time, it results in a postural neck sprain/strain. A very common example of this that affects a large amount of people is sitting or standing at work behind a computer or desk with bad posture. The head typically travels forward in comparison to the shoulders, along with a rounding of the shoulders and upper back.  The muscles around the neck and shoulders typically become inflamed from being overstretch. Over time, this creates a strain in the soft tissue in the neck, resulting in generalized neck pain. Some other common causes of neck pain include carrying heavy items, emotional stress, a variety of medical conditions, or previous car accidents. Physical therapy for neck pain can be extremely beneficial in treating these conditions.

Athletes are also very prone to chronic neck pain and can benefit tremendously from pain management. According to an athletes & neck pain study conducted by the Journal of Neurosurgery, approximately 64% of responding athletes reported that their neck pain was sports related. Sports take their toll on the body and can cause serious issues not just while you’re competing, but later in life as well.

Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

At Boulder Sports Chiropractic, our chiropractors first begin their treatment for neck pain by decreasing the pain and inflammation using a variety of physical therapy methods. All these methods are described in the Services section of our website. We also ensure that the respective joints are moving throughout their proper ranges of motion with chiropractic care. Your body has adjusted to the bad posture, so we need to retrain the body back to a neutral position through a series of functional exercises. Physical therapy is intended to relieve you of pain and use our best practices to prevent your neck and pain from returning. 

If you think you might need pain management services in Boulder, contact our sports chiropractic clinic today!