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Tension Headache & Chiropractic Relief

There are a variety of headache types that people may experience throughout the course of their lives.  However, tension headaches are without a doubt one of the most prevalent types of head pain experienced by Americans. Generally, the patient will experience a 'tightness' or sensation of pressure around the head. Normally there is no nausea or vomiting experienced. Studies show that females are generally more predisposed to tension headaches compared to men. The most prevailing symptoms associated with tension headaches is muscular tightness or stiffness experienced in the neck, with pain often referring to the forehead, or on the lower aspect of the skull. Typically, if life stressors are not altered, tension headaches will become chronic in nature. 

How We Treat it at Boulder Sports Chiropractic....

Tension headaches are primarily treated with Active Release Technique (ART), chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises to help improve your overall posture. At Boulder Sports Chiropractic, we also discuss your ergonomic settings and how it may contribute to your headache symptoms. Stress management and relaxation techniques are also implemented during treatment to help prevent recurrence of headaches.  

Your Boulder Sport Chiropractors, Dr. Alyx Brown and Dr. Steve Brown, have treated many cases involving tension headaches with an extremely high success rate. Click here to make an appointment to get headache pain relief now.