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Boulder Class IV Laser Therapy 


What Is Class IV Laser Therapy?


Laser therapy is a non-invasive technique used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic clinical conditions. Class 4 laser therapy can be safely used as an adjunct or replacement for pharmaceutical drugs. This pain relief treatment is FDA cleared and enables patients to have an alternative to drugs and surgery.

class IV laser therapy boulder


Benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy Treatments:

  • Reduce inflammation, decrease pain, improve range of motion

  • Accelerate tissue regeneration

  • Decrease scar tissue and fibrosis

  • Accelerate wound healing

  • Minimize recovery time

  • Non-invasive

What To Expect

Laser therapy treatments last between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the condition being treated. Class 4 laser therapy treatments in Boulder must be administered directly to skin, as laser light cannot penetrate through layers of clothing. Typically, you will feel a soothing warmth as the therapy is administered. Most patients see results after 4-6 short treatments. 

Class IV Laser Therapy Commonly Treated Injuries:

How does it differ from cold laser or ultrasound?

A class 4 laser is the most powerful therapeutic laser available in a clinical setting. Increased power output allows the laser therapy to penetrate deeper into the tissues compared to a traditional 'cold' laser or ultrasound. Increased power output also results in shorter, more effective treatment times. 

Cold lasers have extremely low power output, and are only capable of penetrating up to slightly below the level of the skin. These cold lasers are limited to conditions related to the skin or just below the skin, such as superficial ligaments and nerves in hands, feet, elbows and knees.  Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has virtually no impact on the treatment of joint, muscle, nerve, bone or spinal disc conditions since most of these body structures are located deep beneath the skin. Therefore, Cold Laser Therapy is often considered obsolete by Laser Therapy standards. 

Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to treat superficial conditions of the body, compared to the deeper penetrating light waves of the Class IV laser. Class 4 lasers provide a level of versatility unrivaled by ultrasound and cold lasers due to their ability to treat both superficial and deep tissue conditions.

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