Boulder Physical Therapy - Sports Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

The chiropractors at Boulder Sports Chiropractic incorporate a physical therapy approach into every treatment plan, ensuring that our patients are becoming stronger with every visit.  With the use of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), our sports chiropractors are able to break down normal human motion to better evaluate movement patterns that have the likely potential to lead to injury in the near future.

The SFMA utilizes seven key movement patterns which are evaluated for asymmetries, pain provoking patterns, and dysfunctional movements. This allows a better understanding of what the cause of the pain is rather than simply focusing on treating the symptoms. It ensures that both tissue/muscle dysfunctions are addressed, while simultaneously correcting any poor movement patterns that have been developed over time. Each patient is given specific functional rehabilitate exercises based on their pain, symptoms, and movement deficiencies.

By using the SFMA the clinicians at Boulder Sports Chiropractic can not only help to minimize your pain, but also prevent future injury from occurring.