Boulder Sports Medicine

The Illiotibial Band, or IT band, is a dense fibrotendinous band of tissue that runs from the side of your hip down to the outside of your knee. The band is a non-contractile tissue tendon that helps your hip muscles provide lateral support to the body during hip motion (running, walking, skating, etc). IT band pain is most common in athletes due to the exertion and use of that tissue on a daily basis, and is usually treated through sports medicine techniques and physical therapy. Pain felt at the outside of the knee is most commonly felt by runners due to a lack of hip stability or cyclists due to seat position/ bike fit. Common signs and symptoms of ITB pain are: diffuse/dull/achey pain during activity, increased pain with downhill running, or repetitive snapping/popping in knee with walking or running, tenderness over the lateral superior knee. 

IT Band Pain Treatment

Sports medicine is critical in keeping athletes healthy and competing. At Boulder Sports Chiropractic, our chiropractors work one on one with you to make sure the correct problem is diagnosed so the appropriate treatment method is implemented moving forward. Our team  will start with Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) to find out which of your muscles are not working as they should and which are compensating. We will then move into extensive muscle work (Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Massage Therapy), and chiropractic manipulation of your lower back, hip, and knee. Other forms of treatment that are used include Electrotherapy, Kinesio or Rock Tape, and Physical Therapy (corrective exercises and stretches). If left untreated, the It band will continue to flare up and cause more pain, also leading to problems later in life. It band syndrome can easily be managed and if treated right, can even result in a full recovery.

If you feel you have been suffering from IT band pain, schedule an appointment to find out how our Boulder Chiropractors can help get you get back in the game in no time!